Systems Architecture Consultant

With my wide range of knowledge and experience, I can guide you and your team on how to achieve stable, scalable software systems that work in harmony with your business and your staff to create excellent user and customer experiences all-around.

I have experience designing systems that operate within the Azure cloud architecture and I have designed event-driven systems using micro-services, APIs and large-scale data transit and transformation systems.

Software Development Resource

I can provide an additional resource to bolster your in-house development team. I can also act as your only developer in a freelance capacity. If you need any kind of programming work doing, I can help.

I've worked extensively with .Net Framework, .Net Core (including .Net 5.0), PHP, HTML, CSS (including LESS and SCSS) and JavaScript.

I've used many different programming frameworks such as, Symfony2, React (especially Gatsby & NextJS) and Vue.

I'm also familiar with many of the popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Umbraco and Kentico as well as Headless systems such as Kentico Kontent, Prismic, GraphCMS and ButterCMS.

Website Healthchecks

Regular health checks are a vital part of keeping your website up to date and secure. I can take the burden of these health checks off of your team by performing monthly checks and alerting you to any changes that need making. These health checks typically include:

  • Basic security best practices
  • Core Web Vitals checks
  • Software & plugin version checks