I have excellent knowledge of many different systems and tech-stacks allowing me to design efficient, effective and scalable systems.

With experience designing systems ranging from websites, ecommerce and blogs through to APIs, microservices and complete event-driven multi-service systems I can work alognside your own team or as the sole architect to provide a solid and scalable systems architecture design for your developers to implement.

Developer programming


With over 20 years of experience developing software and websites I have broad experience in many technologies including numerous versions of .Net, PHP and JavaScript as well as various frameworks such as, Symfony2, Vue, React.

I am also adept at learning new platforms, programming languages and technologies and can apply my experience and the industry best practices to pretty much anything. Most recently I've been diving into the latest JAMStack technologies such as Gatsby and NextJS.


With my wealth of knowledge and experience, I can provide valuable advice and direction on a broad range of IT and development topics to you and your developers. From ad-hoc questions and advice to support with planning your next IT project, I can help.

Need something else?

After 20+ years working with hardware and software I have a very wide range of skills.