Portrait photo of Simon Wright

Simon Wright - Marketing Manager, Parcelhub

Since 2016 Lee has provided ongoing support, consultancy and development for Parcelhub - Part of the Whistl Group and we see Lee's extensive knowledge and professional approach as instrumental to our success going forward. Lee has been a pleasure to work with and is a mine of information about the latest developments in website design and in particular the customer journey. Without Lee's support we would not be where we are today, with a fast, responsive and high performing website that adheres to the latest standards.

Simon, Parcelhub's Marketing Manager, had already identified a number of key issues with their existing website before contacting me:

  • The site was very slow
  • The hosting was unreliable
  • The site content was dated
  • The site design was dated

These issues resulted in poor search engine ranking and low lead generation.

Parcelhub wanted to refresh the look & feel of the site, migrate the site onto better hosting and ensure that updates were applied regularly and that performance was monitored closely in the future.

Design refresh

Simon wanted to refresh the website's look & feel without breaking the bank. To that end, I recommended that he choose an "off the shelf" theme that was close to his desired look and then, with the help of a freelance designer, Isaac, we made styling changes to bring that theme in line with the Parcelhub brand.

Improving performance

To improve the overall performance of the website I recommended that Parcelhub host their website on a dedicated WordPress hosting platform with a strong reputation for providing speed and stability - Pantheon.

In addition, I have continued to monitor performance over the years and have provided advice and support to keep the site performing at its best.

Increasing lead generation

Through the selection of a suitable theme and provision of a new, performance-optimised hosting package I created a new WordPress site that had far better performance than the old site.

The site launched in March of 2017 and thanks to the improved performance, the new theme and the ongoing vigilance towards site performance and updates, in the year following the launch of the new site, lead generation increased by over 200% compared to the previous site.



Parcelhub was acquired by the Whistl Group, thanks in part to the success of the website.


The site’s lead generation performance has continued to climb while under my care with an 80% increase in leads between 2018 and 2020.

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