While working for Distinction I've had the pleasure of working on many great projects and with many talented passionate and compassionate people. Distinction has been a great place to work and I look forward to many more years working in this amazing team.

Here are a few examples of projects I've worked on in my time with Distinction:

A young female hand holding the wrist of an elderly man as if checking his pulse while the elderly man is squeezing a ball.

A website for a healthcare franchise organisation

I was the technical and development lead on this project where we needed to engage with three disparate audiences to improve the website's customer experience. The project achieved a 68.78% increase in new users.

This project used the Kentico Xperience, Digital Experience Platform.

Read the full case study on Distinction's website
A row of bookshelves full of books, softly lit by a row of hanging lightbulbs

An API for a book publisher

I designed and guided development of a bespoke REST API for a popular publishing company. The API was used to provide book and author data to their website as well as to several of their distributors.

The API used an event-driven messaging system and a network of micro-services to ingest raw book data from the publisher's bibliographic database into a specially designed database to allow the API to provide fast responses to requests.

By removing the book and author data from the website's content management system and offloading that portion of the website to the API the publisher was able to manage their website content more efficiently and the website itself saw an overall improvement in page-speed.

An old and tattered binder with "Membership Roll" embossed on the front, leaning against the back of a wooden chair.

A trade union membership website with over 20,000 members

I was the technical and development lead on this project. The project required the migration of over 20,000 member accounts and a massive amount of existing content. To handle the member accounts Auth0 was used which allowed a seamless migration of user accounts from the previous website without requiring members to change their passwords.

The project also required a two-way integration with the client's CRM to allow members to register for and renew their membership online as well as keep their details up to date. This integration also allowed the organisation to create personalised content and email alerts for their members.