Technical issues happen

No matter how good your developers were or how well planned your website, there will always be technical issues that crop up from time to time.

If you don't have a developer to look after your website, having someone you can reach out to for help with technical issues can be invaluable when things do go wrong.

I have a huge amount of experience troubleshooting and diagnosing technical problems within websites and their associated systems and infrastructure.

If you're experiencing technical problems with your website and need some additional technical assistance, please get in touch.

My experience

I've spent over 20 years working in the IT and software industry. I've worked in small and large teams and I've lead teams. I've been instrumental in the design and development of large scale systems ranging in scope from ecommerce to ERP & manufacturing to APIs and data access. In that time I've seen my fair share of technical issues and bugs. The mark of a great developer is how they deal with these bugs in a way that is best for the business.

I follow a simple 3 step process:

1. Find a workaround/quick-fix

Workarounds or quick-fixes are temporary solutions put in place to allow the business to continue working while the bug is dealt with properly.

This is the most important step as some bugs may be severe enough to halt business otherwise.

2. Isolate the bug or issue

This stage is often where the most time is spent and involves being able to reliably reproduce the issue. Once it can be reproduced in a controlled development environment the root cause often becomes clearly apparent.

3. Identify the solution and apply

In many cases, bugs and issues in software stem from unexpected data. These may be edge-cases or they may be a common case that wasn't considered when the software was designed. In either case, once identified we can make changes to the software or to the wider business system to handle these cases appropriately.