Custom development

Custom software, systems & integration

Do you need a piece of custom software creating? I have vast amounts of experience with all of the following types of development:

  • Microservices & Microservice Architecture
  • RESTful APIs / WebAPI
  • SOAP Web Services, WCF & gRPC
  • Message queue based communication using RabbitMQ
  • ElasticSearch, AzureSearch & Lucene
  • SQL based relational database systems (MSSQL, MySQL, etc.)

I have over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and integrating software systems large and small.

Custom website development

Whether you need a new website building from scratch or want to make changes to your existing website, I can help.

New websites

Building a successful new website is a team effort and needs more than one developer. You will also need a designer first, then a developer, then finally, as the site is getting ready to launch, a marketing specialist to bring people to it.

I can provide the development services but I can also introduce you to some of the best designers and marketers in the country so that together we can put together a team that will take your new website to the next level.

Custom plugins

I can develop custom plugins for existing software such as WordPress or Umbraco, allowing you to work with your existing system in the way you prefer.

Custom plugins can also be used to provide integration with your internal systems or with 3rd partys.

Integration with in-house or 3rd party systems is a common necessity with modern websites. In my career spanning over 20 years I can't think of a single website project that had no integrations at all.

From payment gateways to social media, internal CRM/ERP systems to external cloud based services. If you need an integration creating, I can help.