What is consultancy?

As a consultant I would be here to:

  • Advise on technical matters

    • Which is the better software for your use-case?
    • Is there a way to automate your processes?
    • Is this technical contractor telling me the right thing?
  • Provide direction regarding IT systems and architecture
  • Introduce you to freelance technical specialists for various subjects (designers, developers, marketers)

I would be your "go-to" technical contact.

I've heard consultants are expensive, what do you charge?

Consultancy pricing varies depending on the requirements of the role within your business.

Some businesses prefer to have a consultant on retainer, paying up-front for a fixed amount of working time. Others prefer a more relaxed "pay as you go" approach, paying for usage at the end of each month.

Ultimately, how much you pay will be determined by how much work you need and the complexity of that work.

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