Parcelhub - Rebuilt using WordPress


The requirements

When Simon from Parcelhub first approached me, he told me about their existing website and hosting and listed their main issues:

  • The site was very slow
  • The hosting was unreliable
  • The site content was dated
  • The site design was very dated

He had already identified these as the primary reasons why the website's search rankings were suffering. The poor rankings had already lead to a steady decline in leads from the website.

Simon wanted to refresh the website's design and, at the same time, migrate the site onto better hosting and update it to the latest version of WordPress.

Reaching a solution

After reviewing the existing site and content I recommended that, instead of a migration, the site should undergo a complete rebuild.

After consultation with the client it was decided that WordPress was still the favoured platform and that they would purchase a theme which I would then customise.

The build

Working alongside freelance graphic designer Isaac Powell, we took the purchased theme and made the alterations needed to bring it inline with Parcelhub's branding.

Next, I set to work installing and configuring a set of WordPress plugins designed to help improve the sites page-speed scores. I also made some custom modifications to the theme's code to ensure that performance was as good as it could be.


For hosting, I chose who have a proven track record of providing industry leading WordPress hosting as well as a suite of development tools that makes ongoing maintenance much easier.

I set the site up within the Pantheon hosting system and gave Simon access to the "test" environment so that he could review the changes we'd made.

Other tools

I recommended to Parcelhub that they migrate their DNS hosting onto Cloudflare to take advantage or the additional performance benefits that they offer such as:

  • Automatically serving next-gen images to visitors where the visitors browser supports it
  • Automatic compression and optimisation of images
  • Enhanced security through HSTS and HTTPS
  • DDoS mitigation built-in.


Once Simon had identified the content that he wished to keep, I used the WordPress import/export tools to migrated it into the new WordPress site.

Finally, the new website was ready to go and Simon shared the test environment link internally with his directors for their approval to make the switch.

Once Simon and the Parcelhub directors were happy with the new site in its test environment, we launched the site in March 2016.

Project retrospective

Start to finish the whole project took roughly 2 months. Most of this time was spent auditing the existing site's content.

Looking back at this project the number one thing that helped to make it a success was clear and regular communication with Simon. This allowed us to progress quickly and allowed him to keep track of where the project was up to.

After care

Simon opted to retain my services to carry out ongoing maintenance to the website on a monthly basis, ensuring that both WordPress and all of the installed plugins are updated. This helps ensure the security of the site as well as allowing it to benefit from improvements and bug-fixes released by the plugin developers and the WordPress foundation.

In addition, we also provide an ongoing monthly report on the websites page-speed scores along with recommendations for how to improve them where possible.

The measure of success

After the new site launched, Parcelhub began receiving many more leads from the website than they had previously, to the point that the sales team were having difficulty keeping up with them.

Fast forward 4 years to March 2020 and Simon is still retaining my services.