leeconlin.co.uk (This website)

I thought long and hard before including the build of my own website with my case studies and ultimately, while it may not tell you about my relationship with a client I judged that it would be informative about my process.

Motivating factors

  1. My website was looking a little dated.
  2. I had not written a blog on my website in some time, instead using medium.
  3. I wanted to learn a new technology - GatsbyJS

The project

I started by determining exactly what I needed from my website.

  • A place I could advertise my freelance services.
  • A showcase for projects I have worked on.
  • The ability to generate leads for new business.
  • A good understanding of GatsbyJS as I build the project out.

The learning process

To learn GatsbyJS I decided to follow the excellent tutorial by Andrew Mead on YouTube, The Great Gatsby Bootcamp.

Following that tutorial over the course of 3 days helped me get an understanding of all aspects of GatsbyJS.

As I followed along, I applied the lessons to this site directly, building it out as I went.


With GatsbyJS I decided to host my site with Netlify. They provided a great "out of the box" setup for GatsbyJS sites and so far their service has been excellent. Best of all for me, since my site is relatively small, it's free.

The outcome

I'm incredibly happy with the way the site turned out. It's far better designed than the one I had previously and speaks much more to what I can do.

In addition, being mostly static content, this site scores extremely well on Google's Page-Speed Insights.