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Website Build, JAM Stack - 1 minute read (This website)

After freelancing for several years, and amid the covid-19 lockdown in the UK, I decided that it was a good time to refresh my own site and learn some new technology while I was at it.

Built with GatsbyJS JAM-stack and hosted on Netlify this project was both enjoyable and informative.

Website Build & Maintenance - 3 minute read

Parcelhub - Rebuilt using WordPress

Together with Isaac Powell (graphic designer), I rebuilt Parcelhub's website in WordPress.

After the new website launched in March 2016, Parcelhub saw an immediate improvement in page-speed, site security and stability, as well as an increase in the number of leads being generated by the website.

As of today (March 2020), Simon is still retaining my services for monthly maintenance, performance health-checks and ad-hoc support.